Baby Bibs for Baby Days

So, at least I got cracking on a stack of bibs for the already eating crowd, those that tug at that annoying thing mom keeps putting around their necks but can’t quite pull off…. yet! I was able to procure some really, really cute vinyl coated cottons that made for some alternative dressing while dining. For this set, I also taught myself a new skill with a new tool, called a bias tape maker - really nothing more than a motorized clover bias tape maker with a built-in iron as it goes. Actually, quite a time saver and adds that little bit of originality to these bibs, don’t you think?


Baby Days

Something is in the air, as there have been a fair number of requests for baby gifts. Thus, minky blankets have been cut and sewn, leaving their tell-tale fluff everywhere. Colorful baby bibs are in production, made of new vinylized cottons and colorful handmade bias tape for the edges and ties, to keep those hungry babies clean(er).
I’m thinking about making more burp cloths, and maybe even a new minky plush toy, if I remember where I put that pattern……


Summer Days

Summer is the time to slow down, and sew… in theory, but the reality is, neither Ann nor I seem to have enough time in the summer to make all those ideas in our heads a reality in the workroom!

I guess that’s what we have Pinterest for, as our personal pin boards fill up with ideas, tutorials, and inspirations culled from the web and in our travels, near and far. Take a peek at what inspires us, or better yet, send us your own pins of inspiration!

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